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Ясмин аль-Асуан/БИОГРАФИЯ


Yassmin al Asuan-one of the most beautiful and most known dancers of St. Petersburg, the winner of the first All-Russian competition "MISS BELLYDANCE of RUSSIA", the professional performer of the Arab dance with a wide experience of performances.

She manages to combine successful career of the dancer, the Arab dance teacher and the head of big dancing school.

Yassmin with success acted at the best restaurants of St. Petersburg, at present cooperates with organizers of show programs and concerts from the different cities of Russia.

Yassmin was trained in dances at the best teachers of Russia and Egypt, danced at a worldfamous festival in Cairo "Nile Group" (gala show of closing and the party), is the constant participant of the "CAMP NEGUM" festival (Egypt), repeatedly worked under the contract in Bahrain (Manama, Grown Plaza 5 *) where its art was appreciated by the Arab viewer.

Dance performed by Yassmin is a harmony of softness, feminity, game and the coquetry, added with individual dancing technique and diluted with unforgettable plasticity.

Bright east image and exclusive dresses especially distinguish Yassmin from a great number of other performers of an oriental dance.
Yassmin-the frequent guest of various gala concerts, and as the invariable participant of judiciary boards on the international bellydance competitions. Holds training sessions and master classes in the cities of Russia and the abroad, gives private lessons.
In 2013 Yassmin  was invited by the WATC bellydance company (China, Beijing) to contract work as the teacher-choreographer.
Yassmin took part in the entertaining talk-show "YOU CAN" (Beijing).

yassminYassmin al Asuan- the professional dancer of belly dance, the teacher of the Russian League of professionals of an oriental dance, the judge on bellydance of the All-Russian category, the head and the teacher-choreographer of school of an oriental dance of "Al-Shark" (St. Petersburg), the organizer of various entertaining actions for belly dance in St. Petersburg.

The expert in the field of the Arab folklore. 

Preferred styles: beledi, tarab, drum solo, khalijee.

Pedagogical experience -10 years

Judicial experience - 6 years

Yassmin carried out a large number of master classes in many cities of Russia, and as in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Sweden, China.

with 2005 on 2011 Yassmin participated at many bellydance competitions in Russia and abroad where repeatedly  took  place of prize 
 Yassmin the winner:


* International festival "Stokholm bellydance festival-2011" (live music & CD) (Sweden, Stockholm)

* 1 International festival "Tariq el Negum" (folklore)-2010 (Moscow),

* 2 International festivals of the Oriental dance-2007 (Moscow),

* 2 International Bastet festivals-2006 (Donetsk),

* 1 All-Russian competition "Miss Bellydance of Russia"-2006 (Moscow),

* 1 "Oasis festival "(folklore)-2006 (St. Petersburg),

* "Superiority of Russia"-2005 (St. Petersburg).

silver prize-winner:

* 1 International festival "Tarik el Negum" (improvisation) - 2010 (Moscow),

* Cup of Champions-2008 (Moscow)

* 2 International Cup-2006 (Moscow),

* 2 All-Russian competition "East Star"-2006(Krasnodar)

* 1 All-Russian competition "East Star"-2005 (Krasnodar)

* 1 "Oasis festival" - 2006 (St. Petersburg)

* Championship of Russia-2005 (St. Petersburg)

bronze prize-winner:

* 1 International festival "Tarik el Negum" (Queen of raks sharki)-2010 (Moscow)

* the Championship of Russia - 2006 (St. Petersburg)

* 1 festival "Assembly"-2006 (Moscow),

* 4 competition "ORIENTAL" 2007 (Moscow),

* 2 competition "ORIENTAL" 2005 (Moscow)

yassminYassmin was trained at the best teachers of world bellydance individually and visiting master classes: Aida Nur, Mahmoud Reda, Rakhia Hassan, Farida Faghmy, Halid Mahmoud, Azza Serif, Zeina, Lubna Imam, Asmahan, Dandash, Leila Farid, Diana Tarkan, Nelly Fuad, Ashraf Kodak, Usama Imam